Subrogation is a difficult area to quantify.  Many insurance companies, TPAs and HMOs may feel they are producing satisfactory subrogation recoveries when in fact they are not.  Our evaluations lead us to believe that there is a lack knowledge and experience on how to produce results and what results should be expected.  A company may tell us that they are doing well in the subrogation area but, when asked, they have little or no knowledge about what an efficient unit should produce.  An insurance company, a TPA or and HMO knows about paying claims and reducing medical costs.  It knows very little about what its subrogation recoveries should be or how to get information on potential subrogation claims from the existing claims software.  It may know even less about negotiations for settlement, subrogation case loads or investigation of claim.  Virtual Health Management can help provide the answers.


As the HMO, TPA and insurance industry become more aware of the potential for subrogation recoveries and its effect on the bottom line, greater emphasis has been placed on the subrogation recoveries.  Subrogation is now taking its place along side COB and claims processing as a vital part of a successful health benefits system.  Virtual Health Management provides the knowledge and tools to increase recoveries dramatically.

Virtual Health Management support comes in many ways:


u            Systems Evaluation and Review

u            Education

u            Legal Services

u            Software

u            Comprehensive Management

Virtual Health Management has nearly twenty years of experience in setting up in house recovery units as well as managing thousands of subrogation claims.  The knowledge gained by that experience translates into significant increased revenue for the subrogation unit, TPA, HMO or insurance company.  Let Virtual Health Management assist you in providing efficient and profitable subrogation recoveries.